Vulnerability, Adaptation and Resilience

Level 1:

Baseline Resilience Assessment – Review of relevant frameworks for campus/community, overarching impact types relevant, baseline resilience to those impacts (i.e. current situation assessment), identification of key stakeholders and plan for engaging stakeholders in resilience planning process

Level 2:

Complete Vulnerability Assessment– Level 1 PLUS establishment of future scenarios and quantitative/ qualitative analysis of business as usual scenarios versus adoption of selected adaptation strategies

Level 3:

Individualized Community or Campus Resilience Plan– Level 2 PLUS development of stakeholder-informed and -driven plan resilience plan for the community or campus

  • U-CAN will facilitate stakeholder-engagement process to get necessary input on priorities, possibilities
  • Plan will outline personnel or budget needs—as well as implementation roles and responsibilities
  • Plan will also include comprehensive communications and outreach needs and strategies

Level 4:

Integrated Campus and Community Resilience Plan – Levels 1-3 but scaled to integrate planning efforts between both the community and the major institution/s within it

Next Steps...

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