STARS Supporters

Unlimited Carbon Assistance Network (U-CAN) is now offering institutions support on their STARS efforts. We have designed our services to support various levels of customer needs from the a simple review to the development of the first application and matrix of point possibility from Silver to Gold along with an upgrade to version 2.1.

Our Team has extensive knowledge in supporting instittuitons accross the country on all of the their climate initiatives. STARS Supporters is just the latest of our efforts.

Level 1

Review of complete application searching for points missed or too little information for individual credits

Level 2

Level 1 plus a matrix of point possibility from Silver to Gold and upgrade to Version 2.1

Level 3

Level 2 plus an ongoing process for updating and development, website population and submission

Level 4

Level 3 plus the collection of all required data and the development of the first application

People are Talking

"U-CAN has supported our STARS efforts by uncovering opportunities to move our campus to the next level. Their methodology and hands on approach has made the process simple and understandable"

Bob, Berea College

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Next Steps...

Give us U-CAN a call to see how our STARS Support Level 1 program can help you identify possible missed opportunities