U-CAN is NOT a Consulting Firm

We area change management partner that provides ACCESS to every sort of expertise you might require: from research to project management to financing models to technical analysis. If you have a “bleeding edge” challenge, need help taking your program to the next level, or want to cut through the possible solutions to find the best, most integrative approach, call us.

Our Model is Network Driven

We have a core team of executives with deep roots in the energy and sustainability communities, Our project teams are assembled from a stable of hundreds of experts from across the country, with whom we have established relationships and can partner as needed. Thus, we only incur costs when we do projects, keeping our fixed expenses negligible and allowing us to offer truly competitive costs for world class expertise. Think of it as a brain trust tailored toward your goals and needs – “crowd sourcing” at its most sophisticated. 

We are a group of pragmatic idealists: sustainability professionals who want to change the world, and who know that change requires a sound business model, long term commitment, know how and flexibility. As a registered L3C in Vermont, our driver is mission, not profit. But we, like you, recognize financial imperatives as a foundation of long term viability.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Andrews


Jenn developed extensive familiarity with the challenges of instructional sustainability helping campuses measure and manage their carbon footprints at Clean Air-Cool Planet, where for 13 years she worked to promote practical climate solutions for municipalities and businesses as well as higher ed.

Bonny Bentzin


LEED AP Bonny is an experienced sustainability expert with a focus on developing and executing sustainability programs in the field of higher education. She has 11 years of leadership, management and consulting experience, both within large scale organizations and as an outside consultant.

Jason Delambre


Jason is the director of Energy and Carbon Policy. He is Certified Energy Manager (CEM) & Building Analyst (BPI). Throughout his career, Delambre has developed an extensive knowledge of architecture, construction, urban planning, energy, and sustainability strategies.

John Ireland

Business Manager

John is the President of Upfront ANalysis, with extensive background in Business Development and working in many industries helping companies prosper. He has been engaged by various companies including: a small electronics company,, an upstream energy transaction exchange, a solar thermal company, a tree nut oil company, and a transaction based marketing company.

The Next Steps…

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