Carbon Footprinting and Climate Action Planning

Municipal, community or community greenhouse gas inventories baseline assessments; inventory updates and refinements; inventory updates and refinements; climate mitigation scenario development and cost benefit analyses to aid in development of carbon reduction goals; data and process management tools for building future internal capacity; effective communications vehicles tools, strategies and plans.

Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Review of assessment frameworks and tool: assessment of current resilience, strengths, and priority assets; impact and risk projections and modeling; quantitative and qualitative analyses of available adaptation strategies; stakeholder engagement; plan development and dissemination.

Sustainability Assessment and Planning

Assessment frameworks and tools; gap analyses and implementation plans for short-term improvement (i.e. “low hanging fruit”); stakeholder engagement exercises and policies; data and process management tools for building future internal capacity; effective communications vehicles tools; strategies and plans. 

More and more campuses, communities and businesses are stepping up to tackle sustainability leadership programs like the following:

For Higher Ed

  • Second Nature Climate Leadership Commitments

For Communities

  • Global Compact of Mayors
  • STARS Communities

For Diverse Organizations and Businesses

  • Carbon Disclosure Project

Or it may be a more organic or internally driven process. U-CAN’s sustainability services are geared toward helping organizations engage effectively, efficiently and collaboratively in sustainability efforts. Our team of experts is deeply familiar with all of the programs above all others like them – the many “roadmaps” available for moving toward a more sustainable world.

Whether the focus is on greenhouse gas management, climate adaptation and resilience, key infrastructure (i.e. energy), or broad sustainability integration. U-CAN’s services are tiered around three levels of engagement; benchmarking, planning and solution implementation. 

No Matter where your organization is at in the process of tackling sustainability. U-CAN has expertise and capacity that can be tailored to your needs. 

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